I want to take care of myself, to give my body the best chances to suffer the least harm possible when it will come in contact with the virus. I have enough of realism in me to not get carried away by the illusion that I can escape this virus forever, or by the expectation that my body will be able to weather that contact without issues.

I also want to be able to engage in relationships freely, without having to worry about the other or myself; many of my dearest contacts are older than 60.

I also want to be able to be a part of large groups, without fear of catching the virus, and with much less likelihood to spread it further to the weaker people amongst us, in case it would have caught it.

I want to add my contribution to our society to be able to gradually relax the measures that slowly begin to weigh more and more on many of us.

By this choice, I feel connected to all people on this earth, and in this way, I hope to help humanity to limit the impact of this virus.