I am Edo, a man born and brought up in Europe, out of Flemish parents, with one branch of the family originating from French Flanders and the other branch from Dutch Limburg. I spent the first years of my life in Germany, and after that, Brussels (the part in the vicinity of the Basilica) became my home and a base from which to travel all over Belgium. I met my partner in England, and she joined me in Brussels, which then became a base for us to also connect to a more international network.

I am a human being with many qualities and talents. On this web site I write from the most important of those (for me): I see myself as a dancing philosopher. A philosopher, in the sense of somebody who ponders over life and the world, a seeker after fundamental truths, and an eternal student in that realm. In the shorter and longer articles on this web site you can meet the fruits of my musings. And eternal pondering also implies that my ideas and models will change and evolve, so every article has a date.

The models I use to explain life and the world around me, build further on what I learnt from science (initially from physics), and from important researchers of mankind, like André Rochais (founder of PRH) and Gabrielle Roth (founder of the 5Rhythms). I am an eternal student in those three realms, I am certified in all of them, and I continue to practice and refine their methods in my daily life, with respect to myself, my relationships and what I do.

Movement and music are inextricably bound up with my body, and present in my life since childhood. They find their natural expression in dancing, and finally came together in the 5Rhythms. It means that I am not a heavy or pessimistic thinker, but one who is deeply connected with life, who highly values flexibility and lightness. The dancing dimension connects my pondering with my body and my sensibility, in a grounded and animated whole.

It took a long time before I found and chose this form to share what I have in me and what I learnt with the people around me, closer or farther away. I’d like to enrich the world with my discoveries, however small they may be. I want to bring progress to the world, by spreading and promoting valuable models and practices. I hope that I can inspire you with some of the fire that burns in me.