I just bought the single by Pink Floyd featuring Andriy Khlyvnyuk and listened to it multiple times. Tears are running over my face.

I feel an immense sorrow. This war hits me deep in my heart. It touches a profound sadness in me, of which I did not know that it existed in me.

And it keeps on flowing and running. The sheer injustice of this war, the size of the destruction, the blind slaughtering of an innocent people, and the closeness of it all through the images that reach us, is overwhelming. I am overwhelmed, swept away by it, and yet something in me stands firm.

I keep upright, supported by Life in me, life that is stronger than death, life that is filled with hope, with intrinsic goodness. Life that brings creativity to each human being that can feel it inside.

Some call it God. For me, it is what connects us all as human beings, it is what connects us to all that is on this world. Let us follow and honour that connection, here, in Ukraine, in Russia, and across the world.