Since Russia invaded Ukraine, I feel insignificant. All of a sudden, I realise how quickly my life can be erased. Like it has disappeared already for many a citizen or soldier in that region, in case of a bigger escalation, that might happen as well here where I live, in the capital city of the EU and the NATO.

But this situation also triggers a pain from my past, the pain of being insignificant for important people when I grew up as a child. In the eyes of the agressor in this conflict, a human life has not much value, so in my experience, I am again at the mercy of arbitrary rules.

In this chaos of my feelings, I forge my path. Relying on my existence as a human being, I explore more deeply the talents I have received. Taking care of that old wound of mine, I give it a proper place in my life during this period. Humbly accepting that I have no control over the future, I choose to lead my life today by following who I am, in agreement with my deep values.