I like to rebuild ICT applications. Looking at a component of such an application and how its pieces fit together. Making a mental model of how it works, of what its responsibilities are today. Welcoming intuitions about how its structure can be more simple and clear, more consistent, easier to maintain and extend.

Patiently gathering facts and impressions,
letting in knowledge and experience from all over the world,
sensing possibilities and following intuition,
until the solution unfolds,
while trusting and with calm determination.

I just bought the single by Pink Floyd featuring Andriy Khlyvnyuk and listened to it multiple times. Tears are running over my face.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, I feel insignificant. All of a sudden, I realise how quickly my life can be erased. Like it has disappeared already for many a citizen or soldier in that region, in case of a bigger escalation, that might happen as well here where I live, in the capital city of the EU and the NATO.

I enjoy the air and the wind on my face, making faces, free speaking, when I walk alone or with my partner in the streets and woods in my neighbourhood, or when I work or dance in the attic at home.